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Night Life in Shanghai

Shanghai Private Guide Hengshan Road Flair (the best view for financial centre in the evening) Flair is Shanghai's latest and great Bar With A View. It's brought to you by the new Ritz Carlton in Pudong, and perched on the 58th floor of the new IFC tower the luxury hotel occupies. The real kicker is the split-level outdoor terrace with views directly across to the big ball of the Pearl Tower, and then beyond to the Bund, the Hongkou shore, and the downtown Puxi. Near the bund: MINT(every Tuesday cocktail party) M1NT is Shanghai's latest membership-style lounge/club/restaurant, perched on the 24th floor of a downtown  building. Views from up there are spectacular, as is the long shark tank that graces the entryway. The restaurant is a modern Asian-accented grill, and the club's packed with beautiful people. Roof terrace up top, private access for  VIPs, and priority for members, but open to all.  Vue bar VUE Bar atop the Hyatt on the Bund is a great place to sip on some after work cocktails, or lounge after a long  Sunday Brunch. With amazing views of the Bund, wood interior and jacuzzi on the outdoor terrace, it's a beautiful  and equipped place to enjoy a mellow night out. Zeal Zeal is the tip of South Bund 22 spear, the first in a series of upmarket ventures ranging from restaurants to wristwatch boutiques. Simply stated, this is a Bund club/lounge concept -- DJs, a dance floor, dudes in suits stalking the floor sporting those Secret Service earphones, stunning views from an outdoor terrace. The overall design: angular, contemporary, minimalistic. The floor plan is... Brix   Brix is a self-styled up-market "urban pub" serving Austrian food and other pub classics like nachos and wings.  Tables are mounted with a nifty high tech gadget: self-serve beer taps. Bar Rouge Bar Rouge is the most famous club in Shanghai, and sets the standard for Bund nightlife, with its terrace view, classy, sleek interiors and iconic French-Shanghai identity. Bar Rouge kicks off the weekend early with themed parties on Thursdays (see SmSh's Upcoming Listings for details) and always runs early in the morning on Friday and Saturday. A must-visit for out-of-towners sampling the high... Night club in French concession: Geisha(every wednesday Lady’s night) The Geisha is the latest venue from Collective Concepts, the company behind the Apartment and the Food  Central. Much like its namesake, The Geisha has many 'talents' and houses a California-influenced Japanese  restaurant on the ground floor, a boutique club on the second floor, and a sake lounge and rooftop terrace on top. M2(Every Thursday special dance show) One of the most well-known and popular mid-to-high end clubs in Shanghai, M2 caters to the most moneyed and  hip segment of the local population, along with a healthy group of expats who embrace "Chinese-style" tables and  bottles clubbing. Music rotates between hip hop / mashup, techno, and house on a given night, and the club also  hosts a fairly regular stream of Top 100 DJs on special... Mural (Every Monday salsa party) Mural Bar is a mainstay on the Shanghai nightlife scene and a great destination for international music (anything  from salsa to hip hop to reggae), which they feature most nights of the week. They also invented the 100rmb all-  you-can drink special, which they still offer on Fridays. Cavernous setting with a medium-sized dance floor and  ample seating. Party, party, party with a young crowd on... Velvet Small and quaint, Velvet packs a punch with some of the best cocktails in the French Concession. Located in an  old picture book villa, touristse are bound to be impressed with this place and its late night crowd. If you get the  munchies while, the pizzas here are among of the best in town.  Barbarossa Barbarossa is a Shanghai icon: a Moroccan-styled lounge, in the middle of a pond in the middle of People's Park. It attracts a glamorous crowd to its three floors for cocktails, hookahs, dinner, DJs, and its serene, oasis atmosphere. Easily one of Shanghai's most romantic spots for a date; popular ladies' night as well. If you want to learn more information about night life in Shanghai or you need a guide, just email us   directly. Thanks!  | Home | Services | Our Team | Client Testimonials | Contact Us