© Shanghai Private Guide 2013 Shanghai Private Guide Elsa Shien Shanghai Private Guide Team Silvina Olivia Jody Elsa Lisa Elsa Shien Elsa Shien Founder and principal of Shanghai Private Guide Elsa Shien has over 4 years  experience as a private tour  guide. She always shows the  tourist the “real China”, with a big  smile! Also, she has over 6 years  experience in export and trade  business.  With experience also in  machinery engineering, and  speaking good English, Elsa has  built Shanghai Private Guide  mainly by word of mouth, and has  excellent feedback from her  clients, always treating them as  friends.   In her spare time, she does a lot  of sport (running, meditation,  yoga, play pool,  and table tennis)  and like to travel over the world  as backpacker. Elsa knows first-  hand exactly what business-  people and tourists are looking  for! She has now built an excellent  team of professional local guides,  able to support you on either  business or leisure travel.  Click on the photos at right, to  learn more about Elsa and her  team! Click on the photo of any of our team, to see more photos and information here. (click away to close) Explore Shanghai with the team at Shanghai Private Guide. We will show you the real China!!! | Home | Services | Our Team | Client Testimonials | Contact Us